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General Submissions Open.

Please have a look at the guidelines below for word limits, etc., and send all submissions and queries to: and

We accept submissions on culture, politics, business, lifestyle and any other topics related to Nepal and other countries. Our zeal for literature shall, however, not be denied.

The word limit for poetry is 500 and for prose 2, 000 words. A writer can send three poems and one article at a time.  We will be including Art and Photography: paintings, sketches and photographs.

Please send your submissions in both Word and in-body [text] format . If you wish to include your photo then do send one. Do not forget to include your brief bio and include an artwork.


Thematic submissions will be reopened soon. Till then make any general submissions. 

Submissions are accepted at any time and should we feel that these be applicable to one of our upcoming themes, we will notify you. Once accepted, you cannot withdraw your submission. Publication of any accepted material may be delayed due to thematic issues. We are unable to enter into any kind of correspondence regarding any of our editorial decisions, If your work is included in The Applicant, please credit the journal as The Applicant. Thank you in advance.

The poem and article submitted belongs to this website and the author holds the right to their works. However, The Applicant holds the right to the works of authors if it decides to go for prints.

Alternatively you can choose to submit on-line for upcoming issues using the link below:

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