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  • Mar 6, 2012
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  • Issue 5, Poetry

2 years ago
Hey You

Hey you..Sitting by yourself,

Sleeping in an empty bed,Crying to yourself,

Wandering about..heart throbbing fast

as you try to find a face who cares in the crowd..

a daily affair..pity love,its okay you assure yourself..

no one there..Wishes for a hand to hold,someone to embrace..

Wishing on the starry night..The sunny day..

Begging for a shoulder, where to your weary head carelessly lay..

Cheer up..Hope for the very best they say,

Surely tomorrow if not today..Lips tremble as they chant feeble prayers,

You’ve been doing so the entire day,

Tears wet ur withered soul,As you recollect endless promises..

Given away,Forgotten,Traded..

All proved sold for memories you can but only hold..

You are so vulnerable,You are all on your own..

Because when it all comes down at the end of the day..

Its just you,and you alone..Whisper to

yourself..No one there honey..its just us..

This body and your living soul..I am there..always..

ts okay..close your tired eyes..ill sing you a song..

Rachelmit Lepcha often writes when she’s bored to death in her hostel at

Siliguri, India.

She can be reached at




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