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  • Blank is the map of my brain secreting pearls of commas and semi colons but not any periods of value in the winter. Dead is the ink in my pen, a skunk discharging odor of garlic wrapped in rotten rhythms, in the middle of spring. White is the shadow of the blue bedspread drowning the […]

  • Enough

    7 months ago

    I was another zombie following orders to murder buds of new ideas and grow plants of bureaucratic apathy along with the fungus of monotony. While punching the time clock, age caught up. I heard nothing but the crushing of dreams smelling like rotten fruit, so I quit my nine to five. A broken pocket, sure […]

  • 8 months ago
    Winter Haiku.

    gentle fingertips,  dim candles and warm merlot,  as snow drifts outside.     Alexandra Delaney.  

  • Our new series, Writers’ Rooms, provides The Applicant’s readers with a narrative and visual snapshot where writers create.  I always observe first, and then sit down to write. In eight years I’ve moved from the once serene Kathmandu valley to the exotic plains of Hyderabad (I heard from my friends that a train runs inside […]

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